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The operator plugged in a handset and gave it to Brion. "Circuit open," he mumbled around a mouthful of still unswallowed sandwich. "This is Brandd, director of the C.R.F. Come in, please." He went on repeating this for more than ten minutes before he got an answer. "What do you want?" "I have a message of vital urgency for you and I would also like your help.

Kennon opened the door of his room, went straight to the phone beside the bed. He lifted the handset from its cradle and dialed the operator. "Get me Huntersville THU 2-1408. I want to speak to Dr. Brainard, Dr. Will Brainard. This is a priority call my name is Kennon. Dr. Jac Kennon D.V.M. I'm in the registry 47M 26429 yes of course, and thank you." He waited a moment. "Hello Dr. Brainard?

I thought Grundy was just getting his stories mixed up. But pop-corn!" "I'll have him locked in his cabin," Muller decided. He picked up the nearest handset, saw that it was to the galley, and switched quickly. "Grundy, lock Bullard up. And no rough stuff this time." Then he turned to Napier. "Dr. Napier, you'll have to see him and find out what you can."

Von Schlichten had the handset of the car's radio, and was punching out the combination of the Company guardhouse on Gongonk Island; he held down the signal button until he got an answer. "Von Schlichten, in car over Konkrook. Riot on Fourth Avenue, just off Seventy-second Street."