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Adeline hadn't time to take people on the lake, and wanted to plant seedlings. That's why she was so anxious to send me off to help Miss Carr. If she won't listen when I call to her I'm not going to bother to give her Miss Hampson's message. I don't suppose Miss Todd wants her about anything important. I'm fed up!"

Hampson's words: "The method consists in directing all the gas immediately after its expansion over the coils which contain the compressed gas that is on its way to the expansion-point. The cold developed by expansion in the first expanded gas is thus communicated to the oncoming compressed gas, which consequently expands from, and therefore to, a lower temperature than the preceding portion.

It was, perhaps, to them what Lizzie Hampson's independence was to Mrs. Wilberforce, a sign of the times.

And even then his interest did not become acute until, the missing document identified, St. George had turned to Pawson and, pointing to an item halfway down the column, had said in a lowered tone, as if fearing to be overheard: "You have the receipts, have you not, for everything on this list? Slater's account too, and Hampson's?" "They are in the file beside you, sir."

The sporting party on the upper landing would gladly have melted away had there been any possible cover, but there was not. Vi and Sadie had not even time to kick off their roller skates. Miss Hampson's keen eyes took in every detail of the trails on the polished oak floor, and the soap-slide. Then they focused on Diana. "I can imagine who's been the instigator of all this!" she said sharply.

"I don't know about their being lovers exactly. Charley has that ridiculous flirting manner, young men think it their duty to cultivate, and it certainly was a strong case of spoons excuse the slang. Pa would never have listened to it, though he wants birth and blood too, and old Hampson's a pork merchant. Then Phineas Featherbrain came along, sixty years of age, and a petroleum prince.