Still other digital libraries are formed of digitizing paintings, films and music. Work even exists in 3D reconstructive digitization that permits a digital deconstruction, storage, transmission, and reconstruction of solid object." The British Library is a pioneer in Europe for research relating to digital libraries.

The digital collections of American Memory are a major component of the Library of Congress's National Digital Library Program. Begun in 1995 after a five-year pilot project, the program began digitizing selected collections of Library of Congress archival materials that chronicle the nation's rich cultural heritage.

This may be possible in a few years, when machine translation is accurate to 99%. Still, these books will certainly need some proofreading too by human translators. The main "leap forward" of Project Gutenberg in the last few years is due to Distributed Proofreaders. Distributed Proofreaders was launched in October 2000 by Charles Franks to help in the digitizing of public domain books.

Volunteers can also work independently, by digitizing a whole book in any word-processing programme or else scan it in and convert it into text using OCR software and then make corrections by comparing it with the original. In each case, someone else will proofread it.

Distributed Proofreaders was conceived in 2000 by Charles Franks to help in the digitizing of public domain books. In 2002, Distributed Proofreaders became an official Project Gutenberg site. From the website one can access a program that allows several proofreaders to be working on the same book at the same time, each proofreading on different pages.

But in those days almost nobody really had Internet access at home... We started digitizing rare prints from our own library, and some that were sent in via library loan, in November 1996." ML: "How many digitized texts do you have?"

It also contains a few music recordings. Some still pictures and moving pictures are also available. These new collections should take off in the future. But digitizing books remains the priority, and there is a big demand, as confirmed by the tens of thousands of books that are downloaded every day.