It is eith till, that the awn self will. It is good mows that fills the wemb. It is na time to stoup when the head is off. It is fair in the hall, when beards wag all. It will come in an hour, that will not come in a year. If thou do no ill, do no ill like. If he steal not my kail, break not my dike. If he may spend meikle, put the more to the fire.

Quhiles the hawk hes, and whiles he hunger hes. Quha may hold that will away? Quhen wine is in, wits out. Quhair stands your great horse? Quhen a man is full of lust, his wemb is full of leasing. Quhen the good-wife is fra hame, the keys are tint. Quhen the Steed is stoon, steik the stable-door. Quhen Taylours are true, there is little good to shew. Quhiles thou, whiles I, soe goes the Baillerie.

Among twenty four fools not ane wise man. Ane mans meat is another mans poyson. A fool will not give his Bauble for the Tower of London. A foul foot makes a son wemb. A man is a Lyon in his own cause. A hearty hand to give a hungry meltith. A cumbersome Cur in company is hated for his miscarriage. A poor man is fain of little. An answer in a word. A bettlesie brain cannot lye.

Better wooe over midding, nor over mosse. Better happy to court, nor good service. Blaw the wind nere so saft, it will lowen at the last. Better be happy nor wise. Binde fast, finde fast. Better plays a full wemb nor a new coat. Better say, Here it is, nor, Here it was. Better auld debts nor auld sairs. Bourd not with Bawty, fear lest he bite ye. Better a fowl in hand nor twa flying.