Thebae, Thebes, a city of Boeotia, in Greece, said to have been built by Cadmus, destroyed by Alexander the Great, but rebuilt, and now known by the name of Stives; occupied by Kalenus, C. iii. 55 Thessaly, a country of Greece, formerly a great part of Macedonia, now called Janna; in conjunction with Aetolia, sends ambassadors to Caesar, C. iii. 34; reduced by Caesar, ibid. 81

For the day draws near when the Roman Titus shall weep on Scopus over its fading splendors and then shall smite it to the dust. One purchase only does Quintus make. In a shop where Egyptian wares are sold he says to Aulus: "Look on this scarab, this sacred beetle, which has been shaped by some workman down in Thebae on the Nile.

The escarpment and the sea-bordering shelf, allowing a double town like Athenae or Thebae, a Cidade Alta and a Cidade Baixa, are favourites with the Lusitanians from Lisbon to the China seas, and African Sao Paulo is reflected in the Brazilian Bahia. So Greece affected the Acropolis, and Rome everywhere sought to build a Capitol.

Secunda ab hac Diospolis, sive Thebae cognomine Agyptia; quas centum portas habuisse ferunt; sive, at alii ajunt, centum aulas, totidem olim Principum domos; solitasque singulas, ubi negotium exegerat, ducenos armatos milites effundere. Deinde Memphis, regia quondam: juxta quam pyramides, regum sepulchra.