Thou talk'st of strength, and might, and power, When revelling in a prosperous hour; But know, that strength of nerve and limb We owe to God it comes from Him! And victory's palm, and regal sway, Alike the will of Heaven obey. Hence thy lost throne, no longer thine, Will soon, perfidious king! be mine!"

She has been baptised in the baptism of hell, and branded on the brow by the red finger of its ruler, and cannot be wrested from him. It is too late." "No, no it never can be too late!" cried Alizon. "It is not even too late for you." "Thou know'st not what thou talk'st about, foolish wench," rejoined the hag.

I laugh to think how many of the schoolboys thou talk'st of will be cheated into climbing the pollard next year, expecting to find the nest of some unknown bird in yonder unmeasured margin of felt." "Hush now, for God's sake, and let us speak calmly," said Everard. "Charles has escaped, and I am glad of it.

Come, undo a button, man; it is for the health of thy constitution Let out a reef; and let thy chosen friend know what is meditating. Thou knowest I am as true as thyself to little Anthony, if he can but get uppermost." "If, thou lordly infidel!" said Chiffinch "talk'st thou to me of ifs? There is neither if nor and in the matter.

The jaunty airs and scornful disregard began to warm Thistlewood's blood a little. 'Canst look a man i' the face when thee talk'st to him? 'he asked. 'Yes, bless your heart and soul alive! cried Lane, swaggering round and beaming on him.