Spicerianum which came upon the market, they found a number of capsules, and sowed them, obtaining several hundred fine plants. Pods are often imported on Cyp. insigne full of good seed. In the circumstances enumerated we have the explanation of an extraordinary fact. Hybrids or natural species of Cypripediums artificially raised are stronger than their parents, and they produce finer flowers.

" crispa × " " " Dowiana × " " " Schofieldiana × " gigas imperialis. " Leopoldii × " Dowiana. Cypripedium Stonei × Cypripedium Godefroyæ. " " × " Spicerianum. " Sanderianum × " Veitchii. " Spicerianum × " Sanderianum. " Io × " vexillarium. Dendrobium nobile nobilus × Dendrobium Falconerii. " " × " nobile Cooksonianum. " Wardianum × " aureum. " " × " Linawianum. " luteolum × " nobile nobilius.

Sander received more than forty thousand plants of Masdevallia Tovarensis sent them direct to the auction-room and drove down the price in one month from a guinea a leaf to the fraction of a shilling. Other great sales might be recalled, as that of Phaloenopsis Sanderiana and Vanda Sanderiana, when a sum as yet unparalleled was taken in the room; Cypripedium Spicerianum, Cyp.

To make a choice among numberless stories of this sort, we may take the instance of C. Spicerianum. It turned up among a quantity of Cypripedium insigne in the greenhouse of Mrs. Spicer, a lady residing at Twickenham. Astonished at the appearance of this swan among her ducks, she asked Mr. Veitch to look at it. He was delighted to pay seventy guineas down for such a prize.

In great agitation he went for that feline, and, in short, its skin still adorns Mrs. Sander's drawing-room. Thus it happened that on a certain Thursday a small pot of C. Spicerianum was sold, as usual, for sixty guineas at Stevens's; on the Thursday following all the world could buy fine plants at a guinea. Cypripedium is the favourite orchid of the day.