Then he found himself alone. What followed he scarcely could tell. Then the constable who had arrested him said something, and after the constable some one else. Then followed a dialogue in undertone between the bench and the table, and once more Mr Sniff's voice, and at last the voice from the bench, a gruff, unsympathetic voice, said, "Now, sir, what have you got to say for yourself?"

With which elegant peroration the magistrate, much relieved in his own mind, took up his newspaper, and Reginald was hurried once more down those steep stairs a free man. "Slice of luck for you, young shaver!" said the friendly policeman, slipping off the handcuffs. "Regular one of Sniff's little games!" said another standing near; "he always lets his little fish go when he's landed his big ones!

As to the fun made of the bandolining by Our Young Ladies, and of Our Missis's lecture on Foreign Refreshmenting, and of Sniff's corkscrew and his servile disposition, it is intentionally fooling, no doubt, but it is excellent fooling!

Yes, small job as it was in Mr Sniff's estimation, he knew the way to go about it, and had a very good notion what was the right scent to go on and what the wrong. The one thing that did put him out at first was Reginald's absolutely truthful replies to all the pleasant clergyman's questions. This really did bother Mr Sniff.