It is true that the rogues who pulled the brace, dashed the water, and upset the slush-tub, were immediately committed to the brig; but this did not seem to afford much comfort to the victim. On Sunday morning it was necessary to commit three more; but the whole six were released in the evening, because they could not sleep in the brig. Mr.

The professor was tipped over by getting entangled in a piece of rigging, a bucket of water was dashed upon his legs, and a portion of the contents of a slush-tub was poured upon him from the main-top. No one seemed to see him; the students appeared to be struck with blindness, so far as the learned gentleman was concerned.

"Damn you and your slush-tub too out of my way! Sail trimmers aloft, and get ready the topmast and top-gallant studding-sails." "Am I to have no redress, sir? Is a British subject to have his slush-tub cannonaded on the high seas, and no redress, sir? Sir, sir, I tell you, sir, if you don't do me justice, I'll go on board and open my fire upon that scoundrelly Lady Jane."

"There, sir," at last stammered out the little angry master of a brig, unfolding his handkerchief, and exhibiting a two-pound shot in a most filthy condition, "What what do you think of that, sir. Slap on board of me, from the Lady Jane, sir through, clean through my bulwarks into the cook's slush-tub. There's murder and piracy for you on the high seas my slush-tub, sir my bulwarks, sir."

As soon as Christy perceived the rôle which circumstances had laid out for him, he put his hand into a slush-tub he found in the waist, and anointed his face with the filthy stuff. There was just color enough in the compound of grease and dirt to change his complexion, if it had been light enough to observe his physiognomy. Flint did the same thing.