Later on, when the tone of my voice; had lowered to the barytone, impelled always by my desire to accomplish something, I took lessons in music from the Maestro Terziani, and appeared at a benefit with the famous tenor Boucarde, and Signora Monti, the soprano, and sang in a duet from "Belisaria," the aria from "Maria di Rohan,"and "La Settimana d'Amore," by Niccolai; and I venture to say that I was not third best in that triad.

S. Jerome also speaks of it in his epistles; and Ennodius bishop of Pavia in 519 wrote two formulas, according to which it might be blessed. Cancellieri, at the end of his Funzioni della Settimana Santa, describes two blessings of the paschal candle contained in manuscripts of the 12th century.

The Piazza is crowded with carriages during all these days, and a hackman will look at nothing under a scudo for the smallest distance, and, to your remonstrances, he shrugs his shoulders and says, "Eh, signore, bisogna vivere; adesso e la nostra settimana, e poi niente. Next week I will take you anywhere for two pauls, now for fifteen."

The Pope was wont to have a weekly debauch, and the cardinal chose this favourable moment for his appeal: "Gli usava una volta la settimana di fare una crapula assai gagliarda, perchè da poi la gomitava.... Allora il papa, sentendosi appressare all' ora del suo vomito, e perchè la troppa abbundanzia del vino ancora faceva l' ufizio suo, disse," &c. See Vol. I., Age of the Despots, p. 485.