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Sudero, or Suder-oe, might mean the Western Islands so called by the Norwegians; but certainly here means some bay of Sutherland, as they here met the troops of Sinclair, who had marched by land. The town of Sanestol is quite inexplicable.

Zichmni had a fleet consisting of thirteen vessels, two of which only were galleys, the rest being small barks, and only one of the whole was a ship . With all these they sailed to the westward, and without much difficulty made themselves masters of Ledovo and Ilofe , and several other smaller islands and turning into a bay called Sudero, in the haven of the town of Sanestol they took several small barks laden with fish ; and here they found Zichmni who came by land with his army, conquering all the country as he went.

The land of Sorani, which lay over against Scotland, naturally suggested the Suderoe, or southern islands of the Norwegians, now called the Western Islands or Hebrides. Ledovo and Ilofe, are the Lewis and Islay. Sanestol, the cluster of islands named Schants-oer. Bondendon, Pondon, or Pondon-towny in Sky. Frisland, is Faira or Fera, also called Faras-land.

Though Mr Forster supposes it to have been the cluster of islands called Schant, or Shanti-oer, which he thinks is here corrupted into Sanestol: But, if correct in our opinion, that they must have been on the main land of Scotland, his conjecture must be erroneous. These conquests could be nothing more than predatory, incursions, strangely exaggerated.

This Nauy of Zichmni was of thirteene vessels, whereof two onely were rowed with oares, the rest small barkes and one ship, with the which they sayled to the Westwards and with little paines wonne Ledouo and Ilofe and diuers other small Islands: and turning into a bay called Sudero, in the hauen of the towne named Sanestol, they tooke certaine small barks laden with fish.