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The opinion of the members of the Hartley Commission was, that much thought and attention had been given to chemical warfare by the chemists of the Company. A post-armistice inter-allied mission of experts, to the Rhine chemical factories, March, 1919. Hochst. A great volume of chemical warfare research occurred also at Hochst.

It had been in the early weeks of winter during the time that Captain Heil with "E" Company and the first platoon machine gunners were holding the Emtsa bridge line, that the Bolsheviki almost daily tried out their post-armistice propaganda.

Referring to the mobilisation of industry for this purpose, he says: "We believe that if this is done satisfactorily it will be one of the greatest possible guarantees of future peace." Post-Armistice Developments. But perhaps the most interesting and significant aspect of American chemical warfare development concerns what has occurred since the Armistice.

German Revolution and the Industrial Leaders. It is curious how the leadership of the captains of German industry was left untouched by the revolutionary disturbances of the post-Armistice period. Evidence is to be found in the composition of the main German delegation to Paris for the settlement of the Versailles Treaty.