No, sir,” came from the sloop’s deck. “We’ll clear you all right.” “See that you do, then!” Then the sloop’s hull came into view again, as the craft headed out toward the open water beyond. “That’s the kind of a craft Jack would give a heap to be on,” thought Eph. “Queer that he should spend all his time on gasoline peanut-roasters when he’s so fond of whistling for a breeze behind canvas.”

They shrieked and giggled; peanut-roasters whistled; the merry-go-round pounded out monotonous music; the barkers bawled, "Here's your chance here's your chance come on here, boy come on here give that girl a good time give her a swell time here's your chance to win a genuwine gold watch for five cents, half a dime, the twentieth part of a dollah!"

In fact, I should say the surprised comment might of been heard for fully half a mile away. "Emily hesitates as she reaches the sidewalk, as though she ain't decided yet in her own mind just where she'll go, and then her agonised eye falls on all them peanut-roasters standing in a double row alongside the curbings on both sides of the street.

"Those little peanut-roasters and coffee-grinders are new to me. Never had any experience with anything much but Unions and Standards. That's what most of the fishermen have in their boats." Gregory's face cleared. "I may be able to take you on. I have a lot of motors which will need looking after before long.