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He armed a party of fifty slaves with guns, and, ascending the river in canoes some distance beyond the island Meya makaba, attacked several inhabited islands beyond, securing a large number of prisoners, and much ivory.

We landed from a steamer at Bona, and soon afterwards my husband's company was ordered to escort a convoy of provisions to the army which was collecting at Mzez Ammar. Well, we arrived safely at our various camps of Drean, Nech Meya, and Amman Berda. We made a little detour to visit Ghelma. I had curiosity to see it, as formerly it was an important city.

Sans., pat. 47. mati, to know. Sans., medh, to understand; mati, thought, mind; Greek root math. Sans., vid; Greek root id, eidomai, &c.; Lat., video. 49. meya, to flow, trickle. Sans., mih. Sans., mi, mith. 51. cuica, to sing. Sans., kûj. to sing, as birds, &c. 52. chichi to suck. SANS., chûsh. 53. ahnachia, to sprinkle: compare SANS. uks. SANS. kutt. SANS, nad; LAT., niteo. SANS., nad.

meyaquetzalatl; from meya, to flow slowly, to trickle; quetzalli, beautiful; atl, water. mo-motla; to throw one's self, to dash one's self against something, etc. centzontlatolli; literally," four hundred speeches." The numeral four hundred was employed, like the Greek "myriad," to express vaguely any extraordinary number.

It was, in fact, a strangely confused mingling of all human philosophies, all reveries, all human wisdom. Here and there one shone out from among the rest like a banner among lance heads. Generally, it was a brief Greek or Roman device, such as the Middle Ages knew so well how to formulate. Unde? Inde? Homo homini monstrurn-Ast'ra, castra, nomen, numen. Meya Bibklov, ueya xaxov. Sapere aude.

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