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quetzalalpilo; a compound of quetzalli, a beautiful feather, and tlalpiloni, the band which passed around the head to keep the hair in place. 5. melchiquiuhticaya; "he who presented his breast," an imperfect, reflexive form. Molina gives melchiquiuh petlauhqui, with the translation despechugado. Vocabulario Mexicana, s.v.

quetzal, for quetzalli, a long, handsome blue feather from the quetzal bird, often used figuratively for anything beautiful or precious. chalchiuh for chalchiuitl, the famous green-stone, jade or emerald, so highly prized by the Mexicans; often used figuratively for anything noble, beautiful and esteemed.

meyaquetzalatl; from meya, to flow slowly, to trickle; quetzalli, beautiful; atl, water. mo-motla; to throw one's self, to dash one's self against something, etc. centzontlatolli; literally," four hundred speeches." The numeral four hundred was employed, like the Greek "myriad," to express vaguely any extraordinary number.

1. quetzalhuahuaciuhtoque, from quetzalli, huaqui; in teintoque, the splinters; the same simile is employed in VII, 2. 2. ximoayan, see note to I, 8. The occurrence of this term here and in verse 3 testifies to the fact of a composition outside of Christian influences.

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