Tomorrow's the big day, when they have the best horse-racin'. Why, Darius Holt is cal'latin' to make money tomorrow. He's got ten dollars bet on Exie B. in the second race and " "Kenelm Parker! Is THAT what you want to go to that Cattle Show for? To bet on horse trots! To gamble!" "Aw, dry up. How'd I gamble?

But I never felt towards 'em as you do, even in my most maddest times, when Josiah had been the tryinest and most provokinest." "Well," sez she, "my father spent all my mother's money on horse-racin', save a few thousand which he had invested for her, and she felt wuz safe, but he took that to run away with a bally girl, and squandered it all on her and died on the town.

"I've seen four thousand ladies walking about the sands at Trouville in far scantier attire." "That's in France, isn't it?" inquired Eliza. "Yes, but France is a more civilized country than England." Eliza sniffed, sure sign of battle. "Not it," she vowed. "I've read things about the carryin' on there as made me blood boil. Horse-racin' on Sundays, an' folks goin' to theaters instead of church.

"Men in general, but more partic'larly husbands," assented Old Kennebec; "howsomever, there's another thing they don't an' can't never take in, an' that's sport. Steve does river-drivin' as he would horse-racin' or tiger-shootin' or tight-rope dancin'; an' he always did from a boy. When he was about twelve to fifteen, he used to help the river-drivers spring and fall, reg'lar.