Cardita Patagonica, G.B. Sowerby. 7. Mactra rugata, G.B. Sowerby. 8. Mactra Darwinii, G.B. Sowerby. 9. Trigonocelia insolita, G.B. Sowerby. 11. Crepidula gregaria, G.B. Sowerby. 13. Voluta alta, G.B. Sowerby. 14. Trochus collaris, G.B. Sowerby. 15. Imperfect fragments of the genera Byssoarca, Artemis, and Fusus.

Scopoli uses the term "Cerifera "; Reaumur "Domestica "; Geoffroy "Gregaria." The "Apis Ligustica," the Italian bee, is another variety of the "Mellifica." The difference between these various species is scarcely greater than that between an Englishman and a Russian, a Japanese and a European.

We stopped to see the bird colony, which greatly delighted them all, and Ernest declared they belonged to the species of Loxia gregaria, the sociable grosbeak. He pointed out to us their wonderful instinct in forming their colony in the midst of the candle-berry bushes, on which they feed. We filled two bags with these berries, and another with guavas, my wife proposing to make jelly from them.

Sowerby, with the Pyrula, the Venus meridionalis, the Crepidula gregaria, and the Turritella ambulacrum, and T. Patagonica. The evidence taken altogether indicates that this great tertiary formation is of considerable antiquity; but when treating of the Chilean beds, I shall have to refer again to this subject.