And don't say 'most g't tho'ts are dressed in shrouds': many, many are the Phoebus Apollo celestial arrows you still have to shoot into the foul Pythons, and poisonous abominable Megatheriums and Plesiosaurians that go staggering ab't, large as cathedrals, in our sunk Epoch ag'n...."

Birchall receive afterwerths there is not wanted such a g't hurry and Mr. B. will take the liberty to fixe the day when the are to be published. Mr. Mr. October 16, 1815. I only wish to let you know that I am here, and not elsewhere, and wish in return to hear if you are elsewhere or here. I should be glad to speak to you for a few minutes when I know that you are at home and alone.

"What nonsense are you talking, man? What were you dreaming of?" "'F gold'n saus'ges an' dim'nd rolly-p'ly. I say 's fire out?" "Nearly." "'S very cold. G't up mend it, l'ke good f'llow. I'll help you, d'rectly."

In his first battle, upon the French surrendering, he wrote to the governor, "if the whole Detach't of the French behave with no more Resolution than this chosen Party did, I flatter myself we shall have no g't trouble in driving them to the d ." At Braddock's defeat, though the regiment he had commanded "behaved like men and died like soldiers," he could hardly find words to express his contempt for the conduct of the British "cowardly regulars," writing of their "dastardly behavior" when they "broke and ran as sheep before hounds," and raging over being "most scandalously" and "shamefully beaten."