The king then returning vnto London, tooke order for the establishing of things touching the suertie of the realme, and his owne estate. [Sidenote: R. Houed.] And first he appointed the custodie of such castels as were of most importance by their situation, vnto the kéeping of certeine worthie capteins. To sir William de Stuteuille he assigned the custodie of Rockesburgh castell, to sir Roger de Stuteuille the castell of Edenburgh, to sir William Neuille the castell of Norham, to sir Geffrie Neuille the castell of Berwike, and to the archbishop of Yorke he deliuered the castell of Scarborough, [Sidenote: Durham tower.] and sir Roger Coniers he made capteine of the tower of Durham, which he had taken from the bishop, bicause he had shewed himselfe an vnstedfast man in the time of the ciuill warre, and therefore to haue the kings fauour againe, he gaue to him two thousand marks, with condition that his castels might stand, [Sidenote: Henrie de Pudsey] and that his sonne Henrie de Putsey ali

For Master Barebreech relates, that as he was travelling the last Summer into the North, and so forwards into Scotland, going through Edenburgh, met there with his cousin Master Coldenough, who look'd so lean and pale-fac'd; that Master Barebreech told him, in truth Cousin, I should hardly have known you; verily you look as if you were troubled; and I beleeve you have the feeling of a first lying-in through all your joints.

Their houses are but poore without and sluttish ynough within, and the people in nature thereunto agreeable. For their fire they burne heath and turffe, the Countrey in most parts being voide of wood. Their Gouernour chiefe Lord is called the Lord Robert Steward, who at our being there, as we understood, was in durance at Edenburgh, by the Regents commandement of Scotland.

The cardinall Viuian hauing dispatched his businesse in Ireland, came backe into England, and by the kings safe conduct returned againe into Scotland, where in a councell holden at Edenburgh, he suspended the bishop of Whiterne, bicause he did refuse to come to that councell: but the bishop made no account of that suspension, hauing a defense good inough by the bishop of Yorke, whose suffragane he was.