Rom. and Jul., I., iii., 76, "Why, he's a man of wax," where Dr. Steevens happily compared Horace's "cerea Telephi brachia." The old spelling for "bawbles." "Slug. A ship which sails badly." Halliwell. I cannot recall another instance of the use of the word in this sense. In the day-time it was placed under the principal or "high" bed: at night it was drawn out to the foot of the larger bed. Vid.

As it is, like exotic plants, their mixture with the natives ones, I hope, adds beauty to my Botanic Garden: and such as it is, Mr. The scenery described at the beginning of the first part, or economy of vegetation, is taken from a botanic garden about a mile from Lichfield. Cerea. l. 15. Cactus grandiflorus, or Cereus. Twenty males, one female. This flower is a native of Jamaica and Veracrux.

"Inclusas ut cum latebroso in pumice pastor Vestigavit apes, fumoque implevit amaro; Illae intus trepidae rerum per cerea castra Discurrunt, magnisque acuunt stridoribus iras; Volvitur ater odor tectis; tum murmure caeco Intus saxe sonant: vaeuas it fumus ad auras."

P. 411. in the Dypsacus is another contrivance for this purpose, a bason of water is placed round each joint of the stem. In the Drosera is another kind of fly-trap. See Dypsacus and Drosera; the flowers of Siléne and Cucúbalus are closed all day, but are open and give an agreeable odour in the night. See Cerea. Formosissima. Most beautiful Amaryllis. Six males, one female.