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Jim-jams enough of my own up here! I want my Hope clear-eyed even if she has to go it blind for a bit as to you " "Then there's Faith sheathing her sword " "Not putting away the Big-Stick," interrupted Wayland. "Then you'll have to take the Happy Warrior " "I forget that one: I've been up here four years, you know?" "It's the Soldier asleep on the Battle-Field "

"I admit that the old Berserk blood of the Smiths boiled at that juncture. I picked up a sleep-producer from the floor, as Comrade Brady would say, and handed it to the big-stick merchant. He went down like a sack of coal over the bookcase, and at that moment I rather fancy the other gentleman must have got busy with his club.

His attitude on the trusts and the railroads was offensive to many, and on several occasions he had gained the upper hand over Congress by means which were coming to be known as "big-stick" methods. The so-called "constructive recess" of 1903 was an example.

"You have been talking pretty loud about using the 'big stick' over on the other side," he went on sternly, "but that big-stick business you will find is a thing that works two ways. Suppose then I should tell you, 'No answer to my question, no credentials. What would you have to say?" "I should say," Edestone's face was set, "simply this, Mr.