He brought us yoghourt in earthenware bowls extremely cool and good it was; and after we had done I saw him carry down a huge mess more of it to the house below us, where many of the stragglers we had brought along were quartered by Kagig's order. "Where's Monty?" Fred demanded as soon as we entered the room. "Presently!" Kagig answered rather irritably I thought.

Kagig sent us down bread and yoghourt at nightfall, so that those who had lived thus far did not die of hunger. Women brought the food on their heads in earthen crocks splendid, good-looking women with fearless eyes, who bore the heavy loads as easily as their mountain men-folk carried rifles.

You can dishonor the lot of us now, if you care to, by oh, tommyrot! Tell your man to put your blankets in the only empty place, and behave like a man of sense!" "But, huzoor " Monty dismissed the subject with a motion of his hand, and turned to talk with Kagig, who shouted for yoghourt to be brought at once; and that set the sons of the owner of the place to hurrying in great style.

Certainly our coming had been expected, for there was very good yoghourt in ample quantity, and other food besides meat, bread, cheese, vegetables. When we had all eaten, and lay back against the stone wall looking at the fire, with great fanged shadows dancing up and down that made the scene one of almost perfect savagery, Gregor called again for Maga. Again she did not answer him.