And now I have you to count on for support, and we'll whistle another jig for them to-night, I'll warrant!" He seized his unfilled glass, looked into it, and pushed it from him peevishly. "Dammy," he said, "I'll not budge for them! I have thousands of acres, hundreds of tenants, farms, sugar-bushes, manufactories for pearl-ash, grist-mills, saw-mills, and I'm damned if I draw sword either way!

Among other things, his agent kept a small shop, that contained the most ordinary supplies used by families of the class of the settler, and these he sold at little more than cost, for their accommodation, receiving his pay in such articles as they could raise from their half-tilled fields, or their sugar-bushes, and turning those again into money, only after they were transported to Albany, at the end of a considerable period.

From that time I studied at home, where I was a much more valuable economic factor than I had been in school. The second spring after our arrival Harry and I extended our operations by tapping the sugar-bushes, collecting all the sap, and carrying it home in pails slung from our yoke-laden shoulders.

They seem to flourish best in the Northern and North-eastern States, while in Western Canada the tree is found in groves of from five to twenty acres. These are called 'sugar-bushes, and few farmers in that part of America are without them. In England the maple trees are called 'sycamores, and the sap is used as a sweet drink.