Others were entitled respectively Mercurius Britannicus Mercurius Anti-Britannicus Mercurius Fumigosus, a Smoaking Nocturnal Mercurius Pragmaticus Mercurius Anti-Pragmaticus Mercurius Mercuriorum Stultissimus Mercurius Insanus Insanissimus Mercurius Diabolicus Mercurius Mastix, faithfully lashing all Scouts, Mercuries, Posts, Spyes, and others Mercurius Radamanthus, the Chief Judge of Hell, his Circuits through all the Courts of Law in England, etc., etc.

Quod quidem ni ita se haberet ut animi immortales essent, haud optimi cuiusque animus maxime ad immortalitatis gloriam niteretur. 83 Quid quod sapientissimus quisque aequissimo animo moritur, stultissimus iniquissimo, nonne vobis videtur is animus, qui plus cernat et longius, videre se ad meliora proficisci, ille autem, cuius obtusior sit acies, non videre?

David's; he seems to have been slow at learning when a child, and his tutors goaded him on not by the birch rod, but by sarcasm by declining "Stultus, stultior, stultissimus." His higher education was not obtained in Wales, and it is singular that he does not notice any place of learning in Wales in all his writings. He studied at Gloucester, and then at Paris, the greatest mediæval university.