"Help! help! help!" someone was shouting, and then it rose from a shout into a scream. "My God! Sir!" I shouted. "That's one of the men up at the fore royal!" "Listen!" ordered the Second Mate. "Listen!" Even as he spoke, it came again broken and, as it were, in gasps. "Help!... Oh!... God!... Oh!... Help! H-e-l-p!" Abruptly, Stubbins's voice struck in. "Hup with us, lads!

He lapsed into silence, and smoked. "I carn't understand 'ow it is ther Second Mate didn't 'appen to spot it," Quoin said, in a puzzled voice. It seemed to me that Plummer nudged him to be quiet. It looked as if Plummer shared the Second Mate's opinion, and the idea made me savage. But Stubbins's next remark drew my attention. "I don't hunderstand it," he said, again; speaking with deliberation.

Tommy forgot to cry, in sheer amazement at what she was about to do. Ashamed of herself, she threw the poker aside, and taking advantage of Mr. Stubbins's crouching position, she thrust him suddenly backward into the closet. The manoeuver was a brilliant one, for while Mr.

Where's Svensen, then?" I did not catch Stubbins's reply; for suddenly, it seemed to me that I saw something shadowy at the extreme end of the yard, out by the lift. I stared. It rose up, on the yard, and I saw that it was the figure of a man. It grasped at the lift, and commenced to swarm up, quickly. It passed diagonally above Stubbins's head, and reached down a vague hand and arm. "Look out!