Pride and weakness combined led them to take the dangerous middle course and send inadequate bodies of men singly into the disturbed districts. A certain amount of success attended the policy; the king’s NubianPidatiwere dreaded from of old, and his mercenaries, the Shirtani, were looked upon as invincible.

But we turn our eyes to thee, to know whether we may rise to heaven or creep into the earth; our heads remain in thy hand. Behold, I shall try to make my way to the king by the hand of the surgeons.” MILKI-EL. “I have received the king’s message. Let him send the Pidati to protect his servant, and grains of myrrh gum for healing.”

If the Pidati do not come in the course of this year, let the king send messengers to fetch me and all my brethren that we may die in the presence of the king, our lord.” By the Habiri we must here understand no other than the Hebrews, who were therefore already to be found in thePromised Land,” but had not yet firmly established themselves there.

I am also attached to the Pidati of my lord the king; whither they go thither do I go with them, as even now. On my neck rests the yoke of my lord the king, and I bear it.” The following tablet from the neighbourhood of the Jordan promises good results as the reward of future research for geographical details: “To Yanhamu, my lord: Mut-Addi is thy servant at thy feet.