Others are less complicated, and also less exact, but still require quite a troublesome manipulation such, for example, as the process of Pettenkofer, as modified by Fodor, that of Hesse, etc. Montsouris Apparatus. Smith's Minimetric Apparatus. Bertin-Sans Apparatus. Bubbling Glass. Pipette. Arrangement of the U-shaped Tube. It is from such efforts that have resulted the processes of Messrs.

Ambition and great aptitude in his specialty had won him the protection of eminent scientists. He had been Professor Koch's assistant, and, without a rupture of their friendly relations, had also studied several semesters under Koch's opponent, Pettenkofer, in Munich. When he went to Rome for the purpose of investigating malaria, he met Mrs.

Why, Pettenkofer himself swallowed the whole culture of a typhus bacillus without its hurting him. For all I care, go to America. It may not be a bad idea and need not be a failure, I know persons whose lives were wrecked here and who went to America and returned millionaires, to be envied and fawned upon.

Pettenkofer, a celebrated physician and professor of the University of Vienna, also arrived at the conclusion that bacteria, by themselves, cannot create disease, and for years he defended his opinion from the lecture platform and in his writings against the practically solid phalanx of the medical profession. One day he backed his theory by a practical test.

See an article by Pettenkofer in the Sud-Deutsche Presse, August, 1869; and the observations of Ebermayer in the work above quoted, pp. 246 et seq. In Australia and New Zealand, as well as generally in the Southern Hemisphere, the indigenous trees are all evergreens, and even deciduous trees introduced from the other side of the equator become evergreen.