From the hills he saw the islands Maitea and Huaheine, which are situated nearly in opposite directions from Otaheite and are 70 leagues distant from each other. Friday 27. For some days past Tinah had been busied in getting two parais, or mourning-dresses, made, which he intended as a present to King George.

Un mot de ma façon vaut un ample discours. J'ai sous Louis le Grand commencé d'avoir cours, Mince, long, plat, étroit, d'une étoffe peu forte. "Les doigts les moins savants me taillent de la sorte; Sous mille noms divers je parais tous les jours; Aux valets étourdis je suis d'un grand secours. Le Louvre ne voit point ma figure

Being finished they were this morning hung up in his house as a public exhibition, and a long prayer made on the occasion, the substance of which was that the King of England might forever remain his friend and not forget him. When he presented the parais for me to take on board he could not refrain from shedding tears.