I dunno if you'll billieve me, but I feel almost I could pahtake anotheh cup ? 'Tis the tooth." He gave Richling time to make any handsome offer that might spontaneously suggest itself, but seeing that the response was only an over-gay expression of face, he added, "But I conclude no.

Burr, "a child's illness, an over-gay season, the loss of an investment, a family jar, these are accepted as sufficient cause for over-strained nerves and temporary retirement to a sanitarium. Then, war, rapine, fire, sword, prolonged and mortal peril, were considered as furnishing no excuse to men or women for altering the habits, or slackening the energies, of their daily existence."

The first thing you must do when you reach London is to procure suitable garments for your presentation to the king. Your clothes are well enough for a country gentleman, but are in no way fit for Court. I need not say to you, do not choose over-gay colours, for I know that your tastes do not lie in that direction.

"I thank you for the compliment," said Augustus, bending solemnly from his hips; and Mrs. Starr looked at him and then at Mrs. Bainbridge. "We're not over-gay, I fear," the Captain continued; "but the flat's full of antelope, and there's good shooting up both canyons." "Have you followed the recent target experiments at Metz?" inquired the traveller.