Orlon put it on, touched the lever, and for an hour there was unbroken silence as the monstrous brain of the menace was studied by the equally capable intellect of the Norlaminian scientist. There was no pause in the motion of the magnetic tape, no repetition Orlon's brain absorbed the information as fast as it could be sent, and understood that frightful mind in every particular.

Crane and Orlon were already in the common room, as were the scientists Seaton already knew, as well as a group of women and children still strangers to the Terrestrials. In a few minutes Orlon's companion, a dignified, white-haired woman, entered; accompanied by Dorothy, Margaret, and a laughing, boisterous group of men and women from the Country of Youth.

As the end of the tape was reached and the awful record ended, a shadow passed over Orlon's face. "Truly a depraved evolution it is sad to contemplate such a perversion of a really excellent brain. They have power, even as you have, and they have the will to destroy, which is a thing that I cannot understand.

No man of Norlamin could offer any but passive resistance." "You can do a lot if you will. Put on that headset again and get my plan, offering any suggestions your far abler brain may suggest." As the human scientist poured his plan of battle into the brain of the astronomer, Orlon's face cleared. "It is graven upon the Sphere that the Fenachrone shall pass," he said finally.