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Missus igitur Petronius Turpilianus, tanquam exorabilior: et delictis hostium novus, eoque poenitentiae mitior, compositis prioribus, nihil ultra ausus, Trebellio Maximo provinciam tradidit. Trebellius segnior, et nullis castrorum experimentis, comitate quadam curandi provinciam tenuit.

The former of these fevers is the synocha of nosologists, and the latter the typhus mitior, or nervous fever. In the former there appears to be an increase of sensorial power, in the latter a deficiency of it; which is shewn to be the immediate cause of strength and weakness, as defined in Sect.

Some observations which I imparted to him on that subject have been published, with his reply, in the Literary News of the Baltic Sea. He interprets this passage from Lucan somewhat otherwise than I do: Teutates, pollensque feris altaribus Hesus, Et Tamaris Scythicae non mitior ara Dianae.

His own also, sc. as well as that of the Empire. Durius, sc. aequo. H. 444, 1. cf. 4: acrius, note. Delictis novus. A stranger to their faults. Cf. Sil. Ital. 6, 254: novusque dolori. Wr. Cf. Boet. Lex. Tac. Dativus. Poenitentiae mitior, i.e. mitior erga poenitentiam, or facilior erga poenitentes. Poenitentiae dat. of object. Compositis prioribus.