Squadron at Port Saint Julien Attacked by the natives Captain Winter, and Oliver the gunner, killed Doughty's conspiracy Trial Execution Squadron sails Enters the Straits of Magellan Name of the Dolphin changed to the Golden Hind Passage through the Straits Elizabeth Island Meets natives Enters the Southern Ocean Ships driven before a northerly gale The Marigold lost sight of After a month's buffeting, the two ships gain a harbour The Hind again driven to sea The Elizabeth deserts her A pinnace lately set up remains, but is finally lost The Hind alone regains a harbour Sails north Calls off Mucho Island Boat treacherously attacked by natives Drake wounded Refuses to retaliate Reaches the mainland Search for provisions Meets an Indian Treats him kindly His friends bring off provisions He pilots the Hind to Valparaiso Capture of a richly-laden vessel, and sack of the town Sail northward Put into a bay Boat's crew attacked by Spaniards Minjoy killed The pinnace set up Drake sails in her Driven back by foul winds Booty obtained from an Indian asleep and from a train of llamas Indians come off on balsas Two Spaniards, through fear, bring off provisions Llamas described Vessels at Arica and Arequipa plundered A vessel laden with linen captured Callao reached Drake hears of the Cacafuego Plunders several vessels Sails in pursuit of the Cacafuego Pursued.

One man, however, Richard Minjoy, vowing that he would not be put to flight by a hundred despicable Spaniards, remained on the rocks, daring them to come on; but he had not long thus stood when an arrow pierced him, and the Indians being sent to drag him up to the beach, he was there cruelly beheaded by the Spaniards, who cut off his right hand and plucked out his heart, then setting up the body, made the Indians shoot at it.