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This is the chamber of meditation which corresponds to the matras of the alchemist, to his philosophic egg hermetically sealed. The uninitiated finds there a dark tomb where he must voluntarily die to his former existence. Such is the mechanism of the illumination, by which those benefit who have seen the blazing star shine.

With very minute transformable portions called matras, of the five elements, all this perceptible world was composed in fit order; and in whatever occupation the Supreme Lord first employed any vital soul, to that occupation the same soul attaches itself spontaneously when it receives a new body again and again.

The followers of the Atharva-veda, in the section containing the question asked by Satyakama, read as follows: 'He again who meditates with this syllable Aum of three Matras on the highest Person, he comes to light and to the sun. As a snake frees itself from its skin, so he frees himself from evil. Up. Up. 'the highest Person' in connexion with both verbs.

For, he argues, on the introductory question, 'He who here among men should meditate until death on the syllable Om, what would he obtain by it? The text first declares that he who meditates on that syllable as having one Matra, obtains the world of men; and next, that he who meditates on it as having two Matras obtains the world of the atmosphere.

He is the three Vyahritis; indeed, this son of Devaki is all the gods together. He is the year; He is the Seasons; He is the Fortnights; He is the Day and the Night; He is those divisions of time which are called Kalas, and Kashthas, and Matras, and Muhurtas, and Lavas, and Kshanas. Know that this Vishwaksena is all these.

Thou art those sacred Days that end or conclude these periods. Thou art the Kalas. Thou art the Kashthas. Thou art the Lavas. Thou art the Matras. Thou art the Muhurtas and Days and Nights. Thou art the Kshanas. Thou art the soil upon which the tree of the universe stands. Thou art Sat or Effect. Thou art Asat or Cause. Thou art the Father. Thou art the Mother. Thou art the Grandfather.