Not the shadow of one could I think of; and, with a lingering towards that glittering attraction, I reluctantly headed my horse to the forest. A last glance over my shoulder disclosed no improvement in my situation: she was still behind the trellised leaf-work of the bignonias, where she had stayed perhaps to pluck a flower.

"I should like to do so. I should like to see his master, and to take Norman with me," said the doctor. "It would be just the thing for him now we would show him the dockyard, and all those matters, and such a thorough holiday would set him up again." "He is very much better." "Much better he is recovering spirits and tone very fast. That leaf-work of yours came at a lucky time.

A white frost was on the grass, and there was a clear sky through which the sunrise was fast mounting. Along an eastern wood ran a fiery rose of dawn, the fine leaf-work of the beeches showing sharply upon it. There was a thrush singing, and a robin came close to the window, hopped on the ledge, and looked in. 'Ripping! said Desmond softly.

The first three supply the greater part of the leaf-work; the last three are represented only by rare fragments. From time to time, I see her also cutting bits out of the robinia, the quince-tree and the cherry-tree. In the open country, I have found her building with the leaves of the vine alone.