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Drawing himself up to his full height, so that his lofty figure towered above those with whom he was confronted, he seemed to dart lightning glances against them. Even Sir Giles could not bear his scathing looks, and would have shielded himself from them if he could. Though fearful to behold, Lanyere's countenance had a terrible purpose impressed upon it which none could mistake.

"I only know it was not there when I that is, when I received it. It must be Clement Lanyere's handiwork," he added in a whisper. "I see not how that can be," replied the other, in a like low tone. "The alteration must have been made since it has been in your possession. It could not have escaped my observation." "Nor mine," cried Sir Francis. "'T is passing strange!"

All the rest of the company remained standing; and some of the young nobles formed a small semicircle behind the royal chair. Lanyere's entrance with his fair companion could not have been better timed.

"He demand it! I understand you not, Sir Giles!" exclaimed the old usurer. "Let him speak, I pray you, Sir Francis," returned the other. "You will the sooner learn what you desire to know." Clement Lanyere's Story. "My tale shall be briefly told," said Lanyere.