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Of course the longer this solution is kept the more lead sulphate it deposits. It sells in St. Petersburg at 8s. per bottle. It is also stated to be much more powerful if used in conjunction with the Pommade Miranda Rigaud. This beats Mrs. Allen completely out of the field. Pharmaceutische Zeitschrift fuer Russland. By ALBERT LADENBURG.

Ladenburg, Thalman an' Comp'ny made me. Why did they make ye? F'r to know thim, love thim, an' sarve thim all me days. O-ho!" "That's all r-right," said Mr. Thomas Larkin, the Kerry horseshoer, who was leaning over the cigar-case, reading what Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Blaine, Mr. Edward Atkinson, and Mr. Andrew D. White had to say in a small pamphlet. "That's all r-right, Martin.

These compounds had a very surprising febrifuge action, without any unpleasant after effects or local disturbances. The most active workers in the field of synthetic formation of the alkaloids have been Wischnegradsky, of St. Petersburg who, unfortunately for science, died at an untimely age in 1880 Königs and Fischer, of Munich, and Ladenburg, of Kiel.

Ladenburg has also formed a series of artificial alkaloids, called tropeines, by uniting the base tropine with different organic acids, as in the case of the compound of mandelic acid and tropine, known as homatropine, an alkaloid of action similar to atropine, but possessing some decided advantages in its use.