My eye strayed beyond them a fair distance and fell on a row of tiny scarlet dots, like cochineal bugs, showing minutely but clearly against the green-yellow face of a ridgy field well inside the forward batteries of the French and English. At that same instant the lieutenant must have seen the crawling red line too. He pointed to it. "Frenchmen," he said; "French infantrymen's trousers.

Disposition of our column The road to Sabana Grande The infantrymen's burden Wayside hospitality Hard tack and repartee Into camp and under blankets Arrival of Macomb's troop A smoke-talk. The disposition and arrangement of our forces on the first day's march can best be shown by the following document: GENERAL ORDERS No. 13.

It was given ample transportation for its three days' rations and the infantrymen's packs. It was therefore as mobile as it could be made without a pack-train. Hindered by excessive heat, followed by heavy showers, it marched only to a point where the two roads, above mentioned, are joined by a cross-road, or about nine miles.

Then I heard some one say, "Ich glaube " losing the rest of it in the sound of tramping feet and an undercurrent of low, guttural murmurs. In a moment my Spad was surrounded by a widening circle of round hats, German infantrymen's hats. Here was the ignoble end to my career as an airman.