They couldn't follow their own any farther, and they managed to scare our quarry into hiding in the interior. We waited until the soldiers returned to the post, when we concluded we would take a little pasear over into Mexico on our own account. "We called ourselves horse-buyers.

We drove to within about a mile of Norwalk, when I alighted and walked into the town for the purpose of finding a buyer. Frank drove to a small inland town eight miles south of Norwalk, where I agreed to meet him the next day. The following morning I met a middle-aged gentleman on the streets, and asked him if there were any horse-buyers in town. He asked what kind of horses I had for sale.

We were five days overtaking them, and then at a town one hundred and forty miles in the interior. They had celebrated their desertion the day previous to our arrival by getting drunk, and when the horse-buyers arrived they were in jail. This last condition rather frustrated our plans for their capture, as we expected to kidnap them out. But now we had red tape authorities to deal with.

I'll see him about it." "I believe I'll go," said Dic. "That is, I'll go if " "If Rita will let you, I suppose you are going to say," remarked Billy. "We'll name the new firm of horse-buyers Sampson and Sampson; for if you are not mindful this gentle young Delilah will shear you." "I promised her I would not go. I cannot break my word.