Dan gave his word for whatever was required; Storri had but to appear and issue his orders. "You'll be in at the finish, Dan," said London Bill; "an' for the others, pick out a dozen of the flossiest coves you can find. You'll be bringin' them to where I'm workin', d'ye see; an' the job will be ripe." "Will it be much of a play?" asked Dan.

Connie Murtha, you know," he goes on, "the big poolroom backer, and one of the flossiest, foxiest widows in New York." "Then that accounts for the husky wad," says I. "Twenty thousand! No piker, was he? Ask your man who's on the case?" "Rusitelli & Donahue," says Whitey. "Mike's a friend of mine too; but he never talks much." "Let's have a try, anyway," says I.

The flossiest kind of thing they got is only ten cents a order. They'll smother you in whipped cream f'r a quarter. You c'n come in here an' eat an' eat an' put away piles of cakes till you feel like a combination of Little Jack Horner an' old Doc Johnson. An' w'en you're all through, they hand yuh your check, an', say it says forty-five cents.

I help get dinner if I feel like it, and wash my hair if I want to, and sit out in the back yard, and fool with the dog, and act like a human being for one day. After you've been on the road for ten years a real Sunday dinner in a real home has got Sherry's flossiest efforts looking like a picnic collation with ants in the pie.