He made a bank across the middle of the valley so lofty and wide that it was a crossbow-shot in breadth and length, and had large openings; and below it he put pipes by which the water escaped, and when they wish so to do they close these.

Proceeding forwards, we came to the mouth of a pretty large river about a crossbow-shot wide, which we did not enter, but to which we gave the name of the river of St Ann. Farther on still, we came to the mouth of another river, not less than the former, which we named St Dominic, or St Domingo ; distant from Cape Rosso, by our estimation, between fifty-five and sixty miles.

From wing to wing and round the flanks he went, keeping ever within crossbow-shot of the army, and then at last having noted all things in his mind he turned his horse's head and rode slowly back, heavy with thought, to the English lines. The morning of Sunday, the nineteenth of September, in the year of our Lord 1356, was cold and fine.

There, at the distance of a crossbow-shot, stood the fortress he had come to reduce, and thither he sent a message offering a safe conduct to the garrison if they would surrender. The Spanish captain made reply that "neither threats nor proffered curtesies availed aught with men of his kidney," and told him to remember Bujēya.