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Accompanied by his elephants and horses and cars, and surrounded also by foot-soldiers, thy son, the mighty car-warrior, Duryodhana, too, fled away, O king, taking with him the remnant of the Samsaptakas whom Arjuna had not yet slaughtered. Susarman, O king, fled away, beholding Drona slain.

Then the mighty car-warrior Yuyudhana struck that Brahmana with a hundred arrows in that battle, and rejoiced exceedingly, O monarch, at the feat he had achieved. Then Drona, O Bharata, sped at Satyaki five arrows. Those fierce arrows, piercing Satyaki's armour, drank his blood in that battle. Thus pierced with those frightful arrows, Satyaki became inflamed with wrath.

The foremost of all men, viz., Govinda, came there, accompanied by the Vrishnis, and with Valadeva in the van. He was accompanied by Yuyudhana and Pradyumna and Gada, and Nisatha and Samvo and Kritavarman. The mighty car-warrior Bhima offered them the most reverential worship. Those princes then entered the palaces, adorned with gems, that were assigned to them.

Filled with rage, the son of Radha then slew Jishnu, and Jishnukarman, and Devapi, O king, in that battle, and Citra, and Citrayudha, and Hari, and Singhaketu and Rochamana and the great car-warrior Salabha, and many car-warriors among the Cedis bathed the form of Adhiratha's son in blood, while he himself was engaged in taking the lives of those heroes.

I shall tell thee how he should bear himself at such a time, casting off compassion. In this connection is cited the old story of the discourse between Bharadwaja and king Satrunjaya. There was a king named Satrunjaya among the Sauviras. He was a great car-warrior.

And both the armies the foot-soldier felled the car-warrior in the combat, and the car-warrior felled the foot-soldiers, with sharp weapons. And elephant-riders felled horse-riders, and horse-riders felled warriors on the backs of elephants. And all this appeared exceedingly wonderful.

And those mighty car-warriors, speedily slaying his steeds, together covered Prishata's son with showers of arrows. Thereupon that mighty car-warrior, viz., the prince of the Panchalas, quickly jumping down from that car of his, mounted without loss of time the car of the high-souled Satyaki.

And the valiant Chekitana and Dhrishtaketu, the ruler of the Chedis, and Drupada and the king of Kasi and that mighty car-warrior Sikhandin, and Dhrishtadyumna, and Virata with his sons, and the princes of Kekaya also, all these Kshatriyas followed that bull of the Kshatriya race to honour him.

The twice-born Kripa then, that great car-warrior, deeply pierced with those keen arrows, deprived Shikhandi of his steeds, driver and car. As the Pancala prince advanced, Kripa quickly covered him with many straight arrows in that encounter, which seemed exceedingly wonderful.

Passing through the Bhoja division and that of the Kamvojas also, and countless tribes of Mlecchas too, who were all accomplished in fight, and beholding that mighty car-warrior, Satyaki, engaged in fight, Bhimasena, the son of Kunti, O monarch proceeded resolutely and with great speed, desirous of having a sight of Dhananjaya.