He was sitting at a supper-table smoking a cigarette, and gazing somewhat sadly it seemed to me at the pandemoniac phantasmagoria of screaming dancers, the glittering cosmopolitan chaos that multiplied itself riotously in the mirrored walls of the great flaring ball-room, where under-dressed women, waving many-coloured paper lanterns, rode on the shoulders of grotesquely clad men prancing to joyous music.

The stranger, as he speculates on these pandemoniac noises, is able to realise the idea that were they discontinued the excitement necessary for the minds of the pundits might be lowered, and that activity might be lessened, and evil results might follow. But he cannot bring himself to credit that theory of individual notices.

The last bell rings the "can't-get-away" folks rush ashore the staging-plank is drawn in some heedless wight has to jump for it the cable is pulled aboard and coiled the engineer's bell tinkles the great wheels revolve, lashing the brown water into foam the steam "whistles" and screams at the boilers, and booms from the 'scape-pipe in regular repetitions neighbouring boats are pressed out of their places their planks cringe and crackle guards are broken, or the slight timbers of wheel-houses, causing a cross-fire of curses between the crews and after some minutes of this pandemoniac confusion, the huge craft clears herself, and rides out upon the broad bosom of the river.