[Footnote 3: The story of theLorenzodosenis given quite fully in Longo’s monograph, “Laurence Sterne und Johann Georg Jacobi” (Wien, 1898, pp. 39-44), and the sketch given here is based upon his investigation, with consultation of the sources there cited. Nothing new is likely to be added to his account, but because of its important illustrative bearing on the whole story of Sterne in Germany, a

Among the disciples of Sterne in Germany whose literary imitation may be regarded as typical of their master’s influence, Johann Georg Jacobi is perhaps the best known. His relation to the famousLorenzodosenconceit is sufficient to link his name with that of Yorick. Martin asserts that he was calledUncle Tobyin Gleim’s circle because of his enthusiasm for Sterne.

The folly of theLorenzodosenis several times mentioned with open or covert ridicule and the imitators of Sterne are repeatedly told the fruitlessness of their endeavor and the absurdity of their accomplishment.