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Hat Gott der Herr den Körperstoff erschaffen, Hat ihn hervorgebracht ein böser Geist, Darüber stritten sie mit allen Waffen Und werden von den Vögeln nun gespeist, Die, ohne ihren Ursprung nachzufragen, Die Körper da sich lassen wohl behagen. 'Was it God the Lord who formed the substance of their bodies? or did some evil spirit bring it forth?

Heaven save me from a mere naked soul, 'ganz ohne Körper, ganz abstrakt, as Heine says." "But, at any rate," I said, "let me ask you, for the moment, to consider the soul apart from the body." "The soul," cried Wilson, "I thought we weren't to talk about body and soul." "Well," I said, "I didn't intend to, but I seem to have been driven into it unawares." "But what do you mean by the soul?"

The different races differ much in hairiness; and in the individuals of the same race the hairs are highly variable, not only in abundance, but likewise in position: thus in some Europeans the shoulders are quite naked, whilst in others they bear thick tufts of hair. Eschricht, Uber die Richtung der Haare am menschlichen Korper, Muller's 'Archiv fur Anat. und Phys. 1837, s. 47.

He shed tears of pity at his lot, and was extremely communicative. "'N KORPER, SCHA-AGE IHNEN, 'N KORPER!" but old, old, a "HALB'SCH JAHR' UND'RT" older than he was, and desperately jealous. "It's too bad; such a nice young man as you are," said the MAMSELL, who, herself not very sober, was sitting at ease on his knee, swinging her legs. "But you nice ones are always chicken-hearted.

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