The ores from the Rosario shaft of the Hakal mine of Pachuca are here stamped and ground, and then thrown into a furnace, after having been mixed with lime, which in fire increases the heat; while upon the open torta we shall see that lime is used to cool the mass. This is cast out at the bottom of the furnace.

The grand Canal of Huehuetoca. The Silver Mines of Pachuca. Hakal Silver Mines. Real del Monte Mines. The Anglo-Mexican Mining Fever. My Equipment to descend a Mine. The great Steam-pump. Descending the great Shaft. Galleries and Veins of Ore. Among the Miners one thousand Feet under Ground. The Barrel Process of refining Silver. Another refining Establishment.

The new company, immediately upon taking possession, devoted particular attention to the Hakal, which resulted in their striking a bonanza, in the Rosario shaft, which was yielding, from a single small shaft, about $80,000 a month, if I recollect rightly.

We rode along the stone road across the plain, passing now a number of English-made wagons laden with stamped ore for Regla, and then a drove of cargo-donkeys trudging along under the weight of bags filled with the rich ore of Hakal. Now and then, too, we encountered American army-wagons converted to peaceful employment, and adding to the material wealth of Mexico.