The bishop held the paper in his hand, and with a mind that he felt to be terribly open, asked himself how true that sharp indictment might be, and, granting its general truth, what was the duty of the church, that is to say of the bishops, for as Cyprian says, ecelesia est in episcopo. We say the creeds; how far may we unsay them? So far he had taken no open action against Chasters.

Thus are you to be aware of this, as your duty requires." 23d Canon of Elfric, about A.D. 957. Elfric was then only a private monk in the abbey of Ahingdon, and perhaps composed these canons for the use of Wulfstan, Bishop of Dorchester, with the assistance of the abbot, Ethelwold. They commence "Aelfricus, humilis frater, venerabili Episcopo Wulfsino, salutem in Domino."

The church hath, by divine institution, delivered the power of ordaining ordinary ministers to the presbytery, whereof the church consisteth repræsentative. Scriptura, saith Balduine, ordinationem tribuit toti presbyterio, non seorsim episcopo. With whom say the Professors of Leyden in like manner.

Et nullum omninò de quacunque terra regis sit, retinebunt contra voluntatem domini regis & mandatum. Hijs testibus, Richardo episcopo Wintoniæ, Gaufrido episcopo Eliensi, Laurentio Duuelinensi archiepiscopo, Gaufrido, Nicholao & Rogero capellanis regis, Guilhelmo comite de Essex, alijs multis.

Eos ille benigne secum habitos episcopo Ephesi destinauit, epistola pariter, quam sacram vocant, comitante: vt ostenderentur legatis regis Angliae septem dormientium marturiales exuuiae.

This at least seems to be the meaning of the decree, as given in "Liber Eliensis," that with respect to the Isle of Ely, now dedicated to God's service, "Non de Rege nec de Episcopo libertas loci diminueretur, vel in posterum confringeretur." To endow and provide for her monastery, the foundress assigned her entire principality of the isle.