Apparently this wasn't his first experience with a hunting casualty. The story Trigger babbled into the hopper's communicator a minute later was that Drura Lod had succumbed to an attack of Dykart fever coma and that an ambulance and a fast flit to a hospital in the nearest city were indicated. The preserve hotel was startled but reassuring.

"Something you pick up in some sections of the Evalee tropics, isn't it?" Mihul nodded. "That's what you did, child! Skipped your shots on the last trip we took and six months later you're still paying for it. You were in one of those typical Dykart fever comas when we brought you in last night." "Very clever!" Trigger commented acidly. "Very." Mihul pursed her lips.

"Comteen and Drura Lod really exist. We're a very fair copy of what they look like, and they'll be kept out of sight till we're done here. Now " She leaned back comfortably, tilting the chair and clasping her hands around one knee. "Aside from the sport, we're here because you're a convalescent. You're recovering from a rather severe attack of Dykart Fever. Heard of it?" Trigger reflected.

"The Dykart bug causes temporary derangements, you know spells during which convalescents talk wildly, imagine things." Trigger popped another fragment of meat between her teeth and chewed thoughtfully, looking over at Mihul. "Very good duck or whatever!" she said. "Like imagining they've been more or less kidnapped, you mean?" "Things like that," Mihul agreed. Trigger shook her head.