One other fact it is essential to bear in mind, in estimating the effects of the Compact's régime. In seizing upon all the official and other spoils within their reach, and in trampling upon the liberties of the people, the magnates of Upper Canada were merely treading in the footsteps of the Tite Barnacles of Great Britain. The period was one of transition, all over the civilized world.

"Only a little idiotic-looking girl." "She's not idiotic, and if you touch me the compact's broken." "Very well, my time will come. Remember, you've been warned," and he pulled his hat over his eyes and strode away. "Bah!" said Jane with a snicker, "as if I hadn't seen his ugly mug so I'd know it 'mong a thousand."

More recently he had been chiefly known as one of the most bigoted and unprincipled of the Compact's minor satellites; a hanger-on who was ever ready to undertake any disreputable work which the Executive might have for him to do.

But such persons as these composed but a very slender proportion of the Compact's entire membership. The rank and file were of a totally different complexion.

That did you not; for I, I am that Czar. In me is Moscow's majesty; I am The son of Ivan, and his rightful heir. Would the Poles treat with Russia for a peace, Then must they treat with me! Your compact's null, As being made with one whose's title's null. ODOWALSKY. What reck we of your treaty? So we willed When it was made our wills are changed to-day. SAPIEHA. Is it, then, come to this?