Yet he himself might believe more or less in magic. No one was untouched; all intellect was more or less enslaved. And when experiments at last began to be made in the mechanisms by which steam might be utilized they were such as boys now make for amusement; such as throwing a steam-jet against the vanes of a paddle-wheel.

Here a locomotive puffed, shunting cars; there, a steam-jet flung its plumes of snowy vapor into air; yonder, a steam hammer thundered on a massive anvil. And forges rang, and through open windows hummed sounds of industry. And yet, not one of all those sounds but echoed more bitter slavery for men. Not one of all those many activities but boded ill to humanity.

The scream was a thrilling, prolonged note of horror. For one electric second my blood seemed to chill in my veins. The cry swelled in a quavering crescendo, lingered with the persistence of terror, then abruptly ceased, like the cutting off of a shrieking steam-jet. For one awful moment everybody sat or stood as if petrified. If a bomb had exploded it might have passed unnoticed.

One promising use of the turbine or steam-jet used to propel a fly-wheel filled with liquid as described has for its object the supply of the electric light in country houses. In this case the fly-wheel is fitted, on its lower side, to act as the armature of a dynamo, and the magnets are placed horizontally around it.