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She had been mothered and sistered and brothered by these farmer folk with a very prodigality of friendship, and to-day she realized more than ever with positive exultation that she was brawn of their brawn and built of their building. And then to her, a woman of the fields, had come down Providence Road over the Ridge from the great world outside the miracle.

"No, don't pray, Horace," said Lady Cecilia, moving on. "But think, only think, my dear Lady Cecilia; think what it must be to be 'How-d'ye-doed, and to be 'dear sistered' by such bodies as these in public." "Sad! sad!" said Lady Cecilia.

The others, far the larger group, escorted Sheila up the twelve feet of board walk to the porch of hospitality filled by the massive person of Mrs. Lander. On that brief walk Sheila was fathered, brothered, grandfathered, husbanded, and befriended and on the porch, all in the person of Mrs. Lander, she was mothered, sistered, and grandmothered.

Mind you, he was pretending to be a Presbyterian PresbyTARian, HE called it and all the time he was a Methodist. He brothered and sistered everybody. He had a large circle of relations, that man had.

And through the years he had treasured her happy, sunny, beautiful face as an ideal of girlhood perfection. She was older than he, and how she had "big sistered" and "mothered" him! How his little hurts and sorrows had fled before her laughter and caresses!